Write consistently!

Mar 2011

I started this blog to learn writing and communicate with outside world. Also to make my presence on the web felt. But I am not updating this blog regularly which is very bad.

I am a person who admires Sacha Chua in this particular skill. I have been following her blog ever since she started blogging using emacs-muse and planner (both of them are major modes of Emacs). Over the time I could see a change in her style of writing and look and feel of her blog. She has evolved and I like this evolution. I could learn one thing from this, start small and things will fall in place.

Recently I contacted her to become my mentor. She agreed to do the same. I hope with lots of tips and guidance from her, I can make this blog active. The very first thing she told me is that I should write first and forget about style, English and look and feel which will become better as time progress. So this is my first post towards new beginning. Thank you Sacha!