Setup org2blog for blogging from emacs.

Sep 2011

org2blog is written by Puneeth Chaganti. It is an emacs extension to post org mode sub trees as wordpress blog entries. In order to set this up clone the repository from github.

# clone org2blog git repository
git clone

Add the following snippet to ~/.emacs

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/site-lisp/org2blog")
(require 'org2blog-autoloads)

(setq org2blog/wp-blog-alist
          :url ""
          :username "admin"
          :tags-as-categories t)))

Then I can go to the entry and call M-x org2blog/wp-post-subtree to post a draft or C-u M-x org2blog/wp-post-subtree to publish it.