My IBM ThinkPad R52 completed six years.

Sep 2011

I am not sure whether the title is a good one for blog entry. But I just wanted to write about my laptop which served me for more than 6 years and still alive and kicking.

Ever since I started using computers, it was my dream to own one. But during school days I could not realize the same because I was not earning and also my father could not afford it. I was desperate to get one when I was in college but met with same fate. I got job through on campus recruitment, after finishing my course I joined the company and within an year I bought my first computer, it was IBM ThinkPad R52. Now IBM no longer manufactures laptops and is owned by Lenovo.

Exactly on July 7th, 2005, I bought this machine on which I am typing now. At that time, I paid a very high price for the below mentioned configuration. At times I feel bad that I paid around Rs. 65K for this configuration.

Component Details
Processor Pentium M 750(1.8GHz)
Disk Space 60GB 4200rpm HDD
Display 15in 1400x1050 LCD
Graphics Intel 900
Optical Media 24x24x24x/8x CD-RW/DVD
Wireless Intel 802.11bg wireless
Modem In built modem
Ethernet 1Gb Ethernet
Mouse UltraNav
  Sec Chip
Ports IEEE 1394, USB
Battery 6 cell Li-Ion batt
Operating System WinXP Pro

As you could see it was just having 256 MB RAM. Midway in 2006, I added 512MB more when I was in U.S.A.

Initially it came with WinXP Pro loaded but with 256 MB RAM, the OS was running too slow. The response was not great. In college days, I used Debian, so straight away I installed an early version of Debian on that and configured Enlightenment window manager. The response was really great. I never looked back to Windows. Now it runs Debian Squeeze (aka 6.0) along with Enlightenment DR17 as window manager.

I use this laptop for all my computer works, no matter what, developing software, watching movies, browsing, manipulating video files, editing images, you name it.

This laptop travelled a lot in India and several times to U.S.A. I carried this on local bus, train, flight and also on ship to Lakshdweep. I admire the ThinkPad build quality from IBM. I only had one issue with LCD couple of times. Once in warranty, other when it was out of warranty.

I hope this lovely piece of device will keep on serving me. No matter what may come, I will not be giving it away. This may end up as an antique. I don't know but I love it a lot.